1. Use common sense.

2. Don’t be an asshole to people.

3. Do not mix IC and OOC.

4.1 ERP is something to be kept private between people. If you do it, do not let it be a source of drama for the whole guild.

4.2 ERP is optional; “No” means “no” and don’t ask again: that could be considered a sexual harassment. Yes, “sexual harassment” term applies to the pixels on the screen.

4.3 Note that age of consent laws apply to internet relationships too. Be careful.

5. There will be only one warning for paragraphs 1-4. If you didn’t listen to it, you will go away.

6. Any disputes between guild members that cannot be solved peacefully should be brought up to any of the officers. Any disputes between officers – to Chief Executives.

7. Guild member who is not online for 6 months will be removed from the guild.

8. Officer who is not online for a month without any notice will be removed from their position.

9. Godmodding is bad. You’re not a reincarnation of Tulak Hord.

10. In RP, you can only decide your own actions. You cannot decide the reaction of other people. Any harm done to the character should be discussed with that character’s owner.

11. Guild rules are put into effect by an appointed Enforcer. Currently, this position belongs to Warlord Lurt’z . He has the right to administer any sanctions he sees fit.

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