[Star Forge Server] [Empire] [Casual RP/PvE]

The guild was founded on 03/24/2018 on Star Forge Server, Empire side. Currently we have ~250 members, mostly EST/CST timezone, with usual online of ~10 people.

RP-wise¬†<Xesh Solutions Inc.> is a private military company, founded by a group of ambitious sith and former officers. The company is operating independently though is loosely connected to the Empire, supervised by Imperial Intelligence and backed by sith sponsors. “Xesh Solutions. We kill so you don’t have to.”

We offer all reasonable guild perks, including:

  • 10% XP and reputation bonuses
  • Branches that allow any RP background
  • RP events and guild story arc
  • Ops, FPs and WZs runs
  • Stronghold and Flagship
  • Discord


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